Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Laundris, we're proud to offer an effective asset tracking solution that not only helps businesses streamline their operations but also makes a positive impact on the environment.

Sustainability Starts With Us

By efficiently managing inventory, and engaging in effective route planning, we're reducing vehicle emissions, electricity, water, detergent, and textile disposal, contributing to a more sustainable future for local communities.

Laundris software plays a crucial role in supporting EPA guidelines on Scope 3 emissions reduction by addressing one of the significant contributors to these emissions: wastewater. Laundris optimizes water usage and minimizes wastewater generation in laundry operations, thereby reducing the environmental impact across the value chain. By implementing Laundris efficient water management practices, organizations can mitigate Scope 3 emissions associated with wastewater discharge, aligning with EPA guidelines and contributing to overall greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.

Our Partners

Our Story

Laundris originated in 2017 when co-founder Don, leveraging his Microsoft background, delved into coin-operated laundromats for supplementary income. Here, Don identified a critical need – the lack of efficient textile inventory tracking. This insight fueled his vision to revolutionize the industry with technology-driven solutions. Inspired by a UK company's success in linen tracking, Don envisioned a platform seamlessly integrating data into laundry management.

Teaming up with Joey, whose logistics expertise complemented Don's tech savvy, the duo forged a powerful partnership. Together, they navigated market demands, swiftly adapting and expanding Laundris's reach. Their collaborative spirit and shared values laid the foundation for success. In 2019, amid global ambitions, Laundris underwent rebranding, marking a strategic shift towards software solutions. Ceasing physical laundry operations in 2023, Laundris now focuses exclusively on its software platform. Despite challenges, including fundraising hurdles as minority founders, Don and Joey remain steadfast in their mission to empower businesses through data-driven solutions.

Today, Laundris stands as an innovator in inventory management, offering cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations and drive cost savings, shaping the future of the industry. Don has been named a Top 30 Black Founder in America by Google, a Top 21 Austin Entrepreneur by Austin Business Journal, and was a 2022 American Business Award Recipient.

Meet the Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind Laundris.

Don Ward
Founder & CEO

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As CEO, Don has successfully grown Laundris from a commercial linen service to a tech company disrupting the laundry industry. Google has recognized Don as one of 30 Black Founders in America to watch in 2021,  is a recipient of the Google for Startups’ Black Founders Fund and was a top 10 Finalist of Top Black Founders in Texas by Dallas Cowboy Jaylon Smith’s Minority Entrepreneur Showcase.

Joey Dominguez
Managing Partner, Co-Founder

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Joey is Co-Founder and Chief Logistics Officer at Laundris Corporation. He leads all logistics services for the company. With a background in hospitality management, Joey applies strategic thinking, relationship-building, and analytical skills to deliver powerful and sustained outcomes for Laundris’ customers across IT, sales executives and production line employees.

Barbara Dela Cruz
VP of Hospitality Sales

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Barbara, is a seasoned hospitality leader, drove transformative initiatives at Benchmark Hospitality as Director of Hospitality Culture, notably for Verizon Corporate. As former Owner/CEO of Dela Cruz & Associates, she facilitated significant client initiatives, yielding revenue growth and innovative employee engagement strategies. Holding a Bachelor’s from Conrad N. Hilton College, Barbara leverages her diverse expertise to lead in a dynamic startup environment.

Michael Rispoli
VP of Product Development

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Mike is an experienced professional in product development and process optimization. His expertise spans various industries, highlighted by roles like Implementation Manager, streamlining inventory processes. With a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University, Mike excels in creating elegant solutions for complex challenges, driven by collaboration and a passion for positive change.

“I initially met Don through a connection at the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. I was naturally skeptical because our industry has experienced a myriad of 'pitches' on RFID over the last couple of decades. However, once I got to know Don and his team, and learn more about the Laundris platform, I was totally sold. I recognized that Laundris represented a sea change in the world of inventory management and that their platform was cloud-based and integrated with the leading software technology. Moreover, because Don actually took the time to own and operate a laundry facility as he learned about the industry, he was able to appreciate the operational challenges and customer demands that we all experience on a daily basis. I quickly realized Laundris has created a unique, patented platform, driven by AI, that works seamlessly across all touchpoints: laundry, customer and supply chain. Laundris represents a groundbreaking Software Platform that will be a game changer for the laundry industry because of its reliability, accuracy and predictive analytics. I am excited to endorse their product and services."

Leonard McCullough

Founder and Former CEO of Linen King

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