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Costly inefficiency and limited access to data are keeping businesses from realizing potential. Laundris solves this universal problem with a patented AI software platform, coupled with state of the art Automation technology.

Did you think you knew all about automation for your inventory? Think again.

Why Laundris?

When your business has a multitude of properties and facilities providers across the US,  the need for visibility, transparency, and control of assets is paramount. In the complex dynamics of property management, commercial laundry, and supply chain, knowing where your assets are at any given time is essential for maximizing business value and mitigating risks. At Laundris, we understand that trust is built on visibility. That's why we provide real-time data that is accurate and shared seamlessly, empowering you to make informed decisions and strengthen partnerships within the property, commercial laundry, and supply chain ecosystem.

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Complete Process Automation

Laundris provides one centralized platform for full process automation to maximize operational efficiency.

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Revolutionary Technology

RFID Tracking and patented AI-technology gives users access to real-time data, including known and unknown loss of articles, causing unparalleled levels of operational efficiency.

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Data Driven Decisions

Using our data rich dashboards, Laundris equips its customers with essential tracking and forecasting information to maximize operational efficiency.

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Data driven intelligence that not only helps businesses streamline their operations but makes a positive impact on the environment, including on electricity, water, and detergent use, and the disposal of inventory.

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Which Solution is Right for My Business?

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Ai Advanced
Access to a Realtime Dashboard
Pick up & Delivery Details
PaR Level Counts
Location Information
Depletion Rates
PMS Integration
Predictive Analytics
Financial Dashboard
Marketplace Ordering

Your Success Fuels Ours

It’s time to unlock efficiency and savings! Use the Savings Calculator and realize the potential impact Laundris can have on your bottom line. Whether you activate our AI Light or AI Advanced option, you have true potential to save on costs, reduce expenses and grow your business with Laundris.

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“Game Changer for the hospitality industry.”

Nate Hardesty

GM Tommie/Thompson

“The Laundris platform and ease of use
is outstanding.”

Katy Link

Links Luxury Linen

“Look forward to a partnership for years
to come.”

Jean Phillipe Krukowicz

CEO GTLinens

“Allowed us to streamline operations and reduce online customer complaints.”

Jennifer Gilford

COO Renters Club

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See why Industry Leaders Choose Laundris

HFC’s CitizenM slashes costs by 30% and improves operations.

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CitizenM suffered unnecessary expenses and inventory loss until they implemented Laundris' integrated solution. Powered by RFID technology and Machine Learning, Laundris enabled seamless tracking, analysis, and prediction of inventory needs, establishing transparency and streamlined operations. This led to a remarkable 30% reduction in costs.

30% reduction in operational costs

Transparency across operations 

Reduced sunk costs & streamlined data-driven decision making

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