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#11,004,034 B2 Laundris Patent

Patent Awarded to Laundris

The US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted patent to Laundris™ Corp (#11,004,034 B2)


Laundris Corp is pleased to announce the grant of patent #11,004,034 B2, for an RFID and IIoT-based inventory management system. This system was invented by CEO Don Ward, and also Cas Milner, Joey Dominguez, Edward Casteel Milner, Jamar Beall, and Rob Garner. Patent representation was provided by Craige Thompson. The patent was officially granted by the USPTO on May 11, 2021.


#11,004,034 B2 Laundris Patent Image 1

This innovative new technological process helps create efficiency in hotel linen inventory management and laundering, along with added features for sustainability and data management. Two main components of this tech-based inventory management system include 1) a machine learning engine trained to dynamically predict a demand amount of the inventory in response to a set of near-future data, and (b) generate a signal to order the amount of inventory as needed. In an illustrative example, the machine learning

engine may be trained by a hotel’s historical room booking data, the hotel’s historical occupancy data, and corresponding inventory consumption data stored in a database. Various embodiments may enable, for example, the hotel to have better management on the status of inventories at various stages. Example of efficiencies include the revealing of 

sufficient inventory that was possibly previously unknown, but that may be available through the Laundris system. In addition, it may also provide the proper amount of inventory, and may also advantageously reduce the cost spent on unused products.




Some of the benefits and novel concepts outlined in the patent include:

  • Laundris Corp Patent #11,004,034 B2 Image 2Advantageous optimization of linen inventory, so that hotels only need to reorder a smaller amount of inventory
  • The Laundris system provides numerous positive impacts on the environment. For example, due to less unnecessary washing and cleaning, the usage of water, electricity, and laundry detergent may be decreased. The amount of wastewater generated by the washing machine may also advantageously decreased.
  • Accordingly, the fuel consumption may be reduced, which may also reduce the exhausts generated by the trucks, for example.
  • A management inventory system that may provide a predicted inventory amount, the hotel may plan the reordering of the inventory in advance to make the inventory more sustainable in the supply chain.
  • An inventory management system that may also be used in various industries. For example, restaurants, hospitals, and corporate offices may train the machine learning engine accordingly to use the trained machine learning engine to perform the prediction function to predict the amounts of various inventories.



A Word From Laundris Corp CEO, Don Ward

“We are excited to receive this patent from the USPTO, and it validates the uniqueness of value and innovation that we bring to new and existing customers at Laundris Corp. Laundris Corp is not just a commercial laundry and linen provider, Laundris is a tech company, and our first patent clearly demonstrates our novel approach,”

– Don Ward, CEO of Laundris Corp.




For more information on how to leverage Laundris Corp technology for your commercial laundering and linen needs, please call us at 512.759.8227

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