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Laundris Brings Technology, Innovation, and Vision to the Commercial Laundering Service Industry

Laundris™ Digital Linen Solutions set is a dynamic software platform designed to bring efficiency and accuracy to laundry and linen inventory management, providing article tracking, spoilage, and location status in real-time to our customers. Laundris™ currently provides services to the following entities and verticals:

Types of Linens and Laundry We Process and Service

Laundris™ takes care of all your linen and laundering needs in Austin, Texas. Here are some of the typical items we clean…

Customer Portal

In addition to ensuring that your linens and laundry are as hygienically clean as possible, Laundris™ provides a digital hotel and hospitality inventory & asset management platform to help you gain expense efficiencies, particularly with reduced labor costs, and inventory management tracking. Let the Laundris™ platform do the work for you, so you and your organization can focus on caring for the people you serve.

Phase 1

As part of our Phase I efforts, the company has invested in a state-of-the-art commercial laundry facility in Austin, Texas. It is designed to not only sanitize millions of pounds of laundry per year for customers of our corporate headquarter marketplace, but to also serve as a proof of concept and prototyping template for our future technological vision. This approach allows Laundris™ to combine and provide best-of-production techniques, software solutions, chain of custody, optimum cleanliness, and real-time business intelligence.

Our Near Term Vision

Our near term vision involves combining our cutting edge IoT enabled commercial laundry equipment with our proprietary software platform. This system is designed to maximize efficiencies and accuracy across the organizations of our customers, whether it is a regional operator or a much larger national conglomerate.

Phase 2

Our Phase II plan will continue to evolve into the latter stages of 2021, which will include the licensing and support of our Total View software platform and client portal, along with continued high dollar investments in scaling the features and functions of our platform, based on communications with our customer base.

Our Process

A pioneering and innovative process for Digital Linen Services, patent pending.


Pickups, linen delivery service, laundry bags, items, loads, utilities (IOT), customer defined profiles, billing, etc.


Utilization reports, recommendations for capacity planning, procurement of items, cost distribution, etc.


Aggregate and sift linen or laundry usage data for creating insights for analysis of patterns and trends.


Use feedback to enhance data quality in partnership with customers for incremental value over time.


Utilization reports, recommendations for capacity planning, procurement of items, cost distribution, etc.