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State, Local, Educational and Federal Laundry and Linen Management Services

The pandemic has changed life for everyone, and the task of maintaining hygienically safe environments in all facets of service is here to stay.  Simply put, having impeccably clean and sterilized linens and uniforms instills confidence and safety with your organization, and with the people you serve. Laundris™  is in the business of serving government and military programs and organizations of all sizes, and we treat your linens as a critical and essential part of these environments.

Laundris™  is an essential service, and we serve other essential services, just like yours. Even if your organization not an essential service, we treat it as one, offering the same level of quality, care, timeliness, and peace of mind.

Laundris™ Helps Create and Track the Chain of Custody for Your Linen Service Needs

In addition to ensuring that your linens and laundry are as hygienically clean as possible, Laundris™  provides a digital hospital and medical inventory & asset management platform to help you gain expense efficiencies, particularly with reduced labor costs, and inventory management tracking. Let the Laundris™  platform do the work for you, so you and your organization can focus on caring for the people you serve.