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Corporate, Commercial, and Industrial

About Corporate, Commercial, and Industrial Linen and Laundry Service and System Management with Laundris

In the age of Covid-19 and Coronovirus, there has never been a higher imperative for ensuring a hygienically safe workspace and atmosphere than today. Simply put, having impeccably clean and sterilized linens and uniforms instills confidence and safety with your employees, and with your customers. Laundris™ is in the business of serving corporate clients of all sizes, and we treat your linens as a critical and essential part of your corporate environment. 

Laundris™ currently serves some of the largest corporations in the greater Austin area, including Facebook’s Austin headquarters. Facebook chose Laundris™ for our data-driven approach to processing linens and laundry. Call us today and find out how we can help you too, whether your business is a small, medium, or large sized enterprise.

Laundris™ Helps Create and Track the Chain of Custody for Your Linen Service Needs

Instilling cleanliness-confidence with your employees and customers requires the ability to track where your linens and uniforms have been throughout the cleaning process, and knowing that there are no pitfalls to possible germ and virus exposure. From pickup to delivery, our proprietary platform provides vision and insight in the location and status of your service orders. You will know when, where, and how your linens were cleaned and sterilized. Knowing that your linens are “Laundris™ clean” assures that your clientele is utilizing the cleanest linen available, from the time it leaves our facilities, to the moment of usage by your customers and employees.

The Types of Corporate and Industrial Entities We Service

Laundris™ services various types of corporations and businesses with hygienically clean laundry services. Some of these include Fortune 500 enterprises, SMBs, retail businesses, and many more. We service all types of launderable garments, uniforms, and linens.

All corporate and industrial laundry and linen services are handled at our Manor, Texas facility, for fast and streamlined service into Austin and surrounding areas.